Youth Go self-confidently forward!

Through professional work and monitoring the development of society, but also private interaction with young people in their twenties in Croatia, we noticed 2 main issues that they most often encounter, most often deal with and that burden them the most:

1) What do I want to do? What do I want to dedicate my professional career, my life to?

2) How can I achieve this?

Many young people find it difficult to cope with the myriad possibilities of the modern age supported by the development of technology, the rapid global exchange of information and the flourishing of social networks, and globalization in general. Under the pressure of choosing the best options they don’t know which of the thousands of affordable ones to choose for their professional path and even stay for years indecisive, they become susceptible to frequent bouts of anxiety and sometimes clinical depression.

Through the Youth Go self – confidently forward! we wanted to help young people recognize what they want to do in life, motivate and support them in their decisions and intentions, and train them with knowledge and skills to easily navigate the labor market and employment.

Project coordinator: Life Potential

Duration: 3 September 2018 – 28 December 2018

Financing: The project is co-financed by the City of Zagreb.

Objective of the project

Strengthening the capacity of young people for employment and self-employment in the desired profession.

Specific objectives of the project

  • raising awareness of the professional vocation of young people
  • acquiring skills for overcoming intrinsic obstacles to self-realization of young students and the unemployed and their empowerment, encouraging initiative and entrepreneurship
  • improving and preserving the mental (physical) health of students and young unemployed
  • developing soft skills of students and young unemployed
  • increasing the employability of students and young unemployed

Target groups

  • 30 students (from the last years of the faculty) and young unemployed involved in 2 cycles of workshops
  •  2 volunteers


Main activities

  1. Planning and organising events
  2. Informing the public and promoting events
  3. Implementation of the program of educational workshops of personal and professional development

Expected results

  • 30 students and young unemployed included in a program of 12 workshops for each group of young people
  • 2 volunteers participated in the implementation of the project and indirectly got acquainted with the organization of events and the program of workshops
  • conducted 24 personal development workshops lasting a total of 48 school hours
  • 1 trainer and 1 assistant trainer participated in the workshops and gained practical experience working with workshop participants
  • 3 members of the Life Potential gained experience in project implementation and strengthened the organizational capacity of the association

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