I’d like to speak about problems in EVS Program. Why? – Because many volunteers actually face problems but do not speak about them. Sometimes volunteers attribute failures to their perception and hide them.

But If you accidentally come to the midterm training of EVS volunteers you will see that everything is not that bright and shiny as on the photos uploaded on Facebook.

The Biggest Problem is Discrepancy between written project and reality

It can happen by many reasons:

– The project is written 1 year before implementation, so many things can change during this time.
– The coordinator of the project can leave. NGO usually are small organizations, where 1 person directs EVS program, and if this person leaves, the whole EVS goes to a deep hoe.
– Sometimes organizations simply not tell the full truth in the description. They say you are going to work with minorities, but in the end, you are supposed to sit in the office and write articles about these minorities
– Organizations exaggerate their activities. They are saying “we network with other NGOs” which means «once a year we meet other NGOs on a conference, organized by NA».
– There’s actually no need in this project. You can come to a village of 50 000 people. Where you and other 10 volunteers will entertain yourself, because local people are busy with their stuff.

Many others reasons may be listed.

I see the problem in common maintenance of illusion that EVS is always great and happy. No. Moreover according to my experience more than 50% of volunteers are not very satisfied with their projects. Of course personal perception plays a huge role, but also the content of project matters.

Be very attentive when choosing your EVS project.