Step by step to health!


Step by step to health ūüôā is a project aimed at reducing stress present among the working population and thus preventing the development of stress-induced diseases, improving the health of the population under frequent and long-term stress through the promotion of healthy living habits.

Project coordinator: Life Potential

Partner: The Mobbing Association  Р Association for Assistance and Education of Victims of Mobbing

Financing: The implementation of the project is 100% financed by the City of Zagreb in the amount of 10,000.00 HRK and is supported through cooperation with the Libraries of the City of Zagreb – KajfeŇ°ov brijeg Library and Tin Ujevińá Library.

Project Problem 

As part of the MojPosao portal survey from 2016, conducted on a sample of 230 respondents in Croatia, 86% of respondents stated that they are under stress at work. Stress is basically a reaction of the body to a danger to life with the intention of defending or avoiding it. If it manifests sporadically and for a short time, it does not leave significant consequences, but if the body is in a long-term and frequent state of stress, there are negative impacts on the health and overall life of the individual. Symptoms of a prolonged state of stress are reflected on a physical, mental, emotional and / or behavioral level.

The consequences of long-term stress on the physical level are, for example, frequent rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, chest pain, skin and digestive problems, and frequent colds. Mental disorders that occur as a result of stress are, for example, problems with memory and concentration, inconsistency, blurred mind, indecision and self-doubt. Individuals under stress are more prone to anxiety, frustration, cynicism, panic, irritability, moodiness, depression, and fatalistic thinking. Very often, prolonged stress encourages the development of bad habits such as addiction to alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine and food. It can cause sleep disorders and social isolation, general demotivation and loss of sense of humor. (Http:// If we agree with the founder of the World Health Organization Andrija ҆tampar and define health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, then stress seriously endangers the health of as many as 86% of working citizens of Croatia.

Objectives of the project

Improving the health of working citizens by developing healthy habits.

Specific objectives of the project

  • awareness of life priorities and empowerment of working citizens
  • development of stress management skills (prevention, elimination, optimal response)
  • development of healthy living habits with the support of the community


The goals of the Step by step to health ūüôā project will be achieved through a holistic program of 5 three-hour steps or workshops for 15 working people. During regular weekly gatherings, participants will be introduced to:


  • the impact of stress on health and healthy coping habits,
  • the practice of mindfulness through which participants learn to be in the present moment (let go of worries about the future)
  • and to become aware of the state of body, mind and emotions in a safe environment in the time they dedicate to themselves,
  • sources of stress and their own reactions to these sources and learn how to change them, how to deal with stress and fear, how to turn conflict situations into fertile ground for cooperation and improve their communication skills and teamwork with group support and experience sharing.

Target groups:

  • 15 working people between the ages of 25 and 40
  • 1 volunteer