Stay healthy together!

Stay healthy together! is a project aimed at reducing the stress present among the working population and thus preventing the development of stress-induced diseases, improving the health of the population under frequent and long-term stress through the promotion of healthy living habits.

As part of the project, four consecutive workshops were held over a period of four weeks for a group of 15 working citizens of the city of Zagreb. Workshop participants were invited to share their experiences in a safe and confidential atmosphere and to provide each other with compassion and support in overcoming the challenges they face. Experts from the Life Potential used techniques from coaching, gestalt psychotherapy, mindfulness and yoga to work on raising students’ life priorities, empowering them, developing stress management skills and developing healthy lifestyles with community support.

Project coordinator: Life Potential

Duration: 22 August 2019 – 31 December 2019

Financing: Project Stay healthy together! was financed by the City of Zagreb in the amount of 10,000.00 HRK.

Project Problem Definition

Project Stay healthy together! deals with the issue of stress among the working population, especially victims of mobbing. As part of the MojPosao portal survey from 2016, conducted on a sample of 230 respondents in Croatia, 86% of respondents stated that they are under stress at work. Stress is basically a reaction of the body to a danger to life with the intention of defending or avoiding it. If it manifests sporadically and for a short time, it does not leave significant consequences, but if the body is in a long-term and frequent state of stress, there are negative impacts on the health and overall life of the individual. Symptoms of a prolonged state of stress are reflected on a physical, mental, emotional and / or behavioral level.

Objective of the project

Improving the health of working citizens by developing healthy habits.

Specific objectives of the project


(1) Awareness of life priorities and empowerment of working citizens

(2) Development of stress management skills (prevention, elimination, optimal response)

(3) Development of healthy living habits with the support of the community


Target groups:

    • 15 working people between the ages of 25 and 60 (especially victims of bullying and mobbing)


Based on the great experience of working on a visibly positively transformative project Step by step to health 🙂, the goals of the project Stay healthy together! we will realize through an intensive program of four two-and-a-half-hour workshops once a week for a total of four weeks for a group of 15 working people in the premises of KGZ – Library Kajfešov brijeg. Continuous intensive socializing in an open, safe atmosphere creates the conditions for group cohesion and strong support for each of its members, which is an important factor on the way to consciously taking responsibility for one’s own health. In the workshops we will use knowledge from gestalt psychotherapy, coaching, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), mindfulness or mindfulness, meditation, breathing techniques and yoga to show users a variety of tools for stress management and provide comprehensive support in their path to healthy habit.

Through four workshops, participants were  introduced to the concepts of stress and health, explain the effect of stress on health on a physical, mental, emotional and behavioral level and introduce them to burnout syndrome as the most intense form of stress on a person’s functioning. We explained the correlation of healthy habits and stress. Healthy habits and the way in which they reduce the effect of stress on health will be highlighted by name. Special emphasis was placed on paying attention to basic living needs such as getting enough sleep, exercise, diet and time for yourself.

We  presented to the participants the tools of stress management in the field of NLP and gestalt psychotherapy, such as:

  • awareness of stressors and reactions to stressors,
  • understanding the aggressor through techniques of perceptual positions,
  • awareness of one’s own values ​​and questioning the potential discrepancy between values ​​and the current way of life,
  • principles of assertive communication,
  • strategies for setting boundaries and resolving conflict situations at work, etc.

Participants tried out each of the presented tools through work in pairs or small groups and become aware of what they have experienced, learned and applied in everyday life through group reflection.

We will also introduce the participants to the tools of mindfulness in the role of stress management whose main function is to bring the practitioner into the now and here, to redirect his / her attention from fear of the worst possible outcome of events in the future to the real present. During the workshop cycle, participants learned certain breathing techniques (dirgh, apana, etc.).

An important part of each workshop was group sharing, most often related to events and emotions that have occurred in the past week, with the support and psychotherapeutic work of performers through Gestalt psychotherapy and coaching techniques.

Expected results


Fifteen working citizens between the ages of 25 and 60 became aware of their own life priorities and empowered to live in accordance with them, developed stress management skills and encouraged the development of healthy living habits with community support through four workshops held at the Kajfešov brijeg Library in November 2019.

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