POWER of KINDness workshops across Europe

After the international POWER of KINDness training course for youth workers held in Zadar in October 2018, participants of the training organized 13 more workshops in which they used the tools learned during the Training to tackle youth violence in their own countries.

Aventura Marão Clube (AMC) Associacao from Portugal organized 3 workshops where approaches and tools acquired at POWER of KINDness training were used:

1. Workshop for young people under the Curso de Monitores de Atividades de Tempo Livre 15.12.2018. in Verina, Spain with a total of 20 participants.
2. Workshop for local youth during the Youth Impact Week as part of the training on social entrepreneurship and innovation 18.12.2018. in Amaranto, Portugal with a total of 13 participants.
3. Workshop for 10 EVS and ESC Volunteers in Amarant, 06.02.2018. during their phase of integration into AMC volunteer projects.

In November 2018, Bunkr o.p.s. from Czech Republic conducted youth violence preventive program in the Youth Club Nový Jičín in the form of a workshop for high school students. The workshop was based on familiarizing students with different communication styles and ways of responding to stressful situations while raising awareness of how they react in conflict situations and how they can change that.

At the end of February 2019, associates of International Youth Committee for Educational Initiatives and Programs (IYCEIP) carried out a workshop for 15 children of Detelinka kindergarten in Varna, Bulgaria, using the tools learned at the POWER of KINDness training with the idea of doing a reserch on the level of peer violence to which kindergarden children are exposed. The workshop started with an “energizer”: dancing combined with singing your own names for the purpose of relaxation in the presence of strangers. Afterwords, the participants of the POWER of KINDness training divided the children into two groups and then in pairs with one pencil and one paper. The children in pairs were instructed to draw different things on one paper while both holding one pen. Each child tryed to draw the object he/she was instructed to draw, without thinking of the other. The conclusion of the workshop was that at that age most of the childred had not yet developed the ability to understand the needs of others and compromise and that conflicts of thought and action were an everyday thing.

Youth Power from Bosnia and Herzegovina held a workshop on non-violent communication, prevention, reaction and dealing with the consequences of the experienced youth violence on 19th March 2019 where they shared their knowledge on the topic acquired during the POWER of KINDness training in Zadar with volunteers and other members of the organization. In this way they have increased the capacity of the organization for wider and better dealing with the issue of youth violence.

Life Potential’s associate and participant of the POWER of KINDness training Diana Šinjori conducted four workshops in February 2019 in which she used elements learned during the Training as part of the collaboration of a couple of schools and Adopta Association where she works. The workshops were focused on forming attitudes about vulnerable groups of children (adopted) and reviewing the most common stereotypes.

Irena Borovnina and Zrinka Samac, associates of Life Potential and members of association Vestigium, regularly use the tools learned during the POWER of KINDness training in their daily work with children. The Association organizes children camps and workshops on the topic of prejudice, concern for others, learning to listen to oneself and hearing others etc.

Life Potential’s associate Mirjana Grabovac held two workshops for elementary school Žitnjak’s seventh graders in March 2019 on the topic of communication styles in regard to youth violence prevention. After the POWER of KINDness training, Mirjana continued to educate herself in the field of nonviolent education.

Life Potential organization organized the screening of the Romanian movie “Child’s Pose” (“Poziția copilului”) in Youth Centre Zagreb in March with the support of Mr. Stjepan Roglić, honorary consul of Romania in Split. “Child’s Pose” examines what is the boundary between caring and obsessive relationship of the parent towards the child, what are the consequences of an obsessive relationship of the parent for the child, the characteristics of his adult life and what is needed for the very process of growing up. In addition, the factors that can lead the moral person to immorality are also questioned. The mentioned movie was the proposal of the Romanian participants of the POWER of KINDness training for the Movie Night of the Training. “Child’s Pose” is an excellent movie both in an artistic and psychological sense and this is why Life Potential wanted to share it with the youth in Zagreb, provoke discussion on subtle forms of violence and linking Romanian and Croatian cultures. 

Ovaj članak odražava isključivo stajalište Life Potential organizacije i Komisija se ne može smatrati odgovornom prilikom uporabe informacija koje se u njoj nalaze.