POWER of KINDness training successfully completed!

23/10/2018 International POWER of KINDness training for youth workers from 6 European countries on the topic of tackling youth violence is successfully completed. The program of the training was quite intensive and enabled the participants to look at violence from many different perspectives. The participants had the opportunity to share their personal and professional experience with violence, to explore the deeper foundations of violent reactions, how we learned to observe others and how much we could slander in estimates, how to overcome our own prejudices, resolve a conflict in an optimally constructive manner and how to use creativity to resolve conflicts. They have also realized that they too can act unintentionaly aggressively if put in a certain situation. Also, the participants got familiarized with the basics of coaching as a quality, supportive tool in youth work, as well as with the theater of the oppressed as a role-playing tool that can be used to resolve conflicts with the support of the group. In addition, they also got to investigate opinions of local people on the topic of violence in their city which is not visible “on the first” and had the opportunity to apply all the tools, skills and knowledge acquired in workshops for high school students of 3 Zadar high schools. Following is the imlementation of new skills and tools in their daily youth work as part of their organizations.

This project is funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

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