The project POWER of KINDness focuses on youth violence:

  • how ti prevent it,
  • how to act in potentially violent and uncomfortable situations and
  • how to deal with the physical or/and psychological consequences of violence inflicted upon?

Over 10,000 15-29 year old Europeans lose their lives to violence each year. Far more suffer physical, emotional, psychological or social harm due to involvement in, witnessing or fearing violence. Violence can affect every aspect of young people’s lives, hampering their prospects for education, employment and health, and reducing their ability to form healthy personal and social relationships and their own life potential. In this project, youth workers involved will increase their capacity to deal with youth violence by acquiring new knowledge and tools for cognitive, emotional and social skills development of young people which is proven by the World Health Organization (WHO) to be efficient in reduction of violence among youth.

General objective of the project is to contribute to youth violence decline while simultaneously empowering young people to realize wished for quality of life, live their potential and participate in creating smart, sustainable and inclusive EU development.

This will be achieved through the specific objective of the project which is to increase capacity of youth workers from 6 different European countries in the field of violence prevention, optimal behavior in potentially violent situations and dealing with inflicted violence in a sense of broadening and deepening their methodology through knowledge, experience and good practice examples exchange.

The main activity of POWER of KINDness project is a training for 24 youth workers from 6 European countries (Portugal, Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia). During the training professionals experienced in working with youth and victims of violence will teach participants various awareness, behavioral and personal values processes, communication spectrum activities, self-confidence building techniques, practicing assertiveness, conflict evasion, standing up for yourself in unpleasant situations etc. Participants will enrich the training with their own knowledge and experience and share their methods and tools for dealing with youth violence.

More about the POWER of KINDness training on this link.

During and after the training, participants will transfer skills and methods learned to local high-school students in Croatia and their homeland by means of a workshop and thus emphasize the importance of peaceful behavior in the community. In addition, the information about the project and the relevance of the need for tackling youth violence will be shared with wider audience through web sites and social media of project partners.

Lead partner: Life Potential

Project partners: Snaga mladih / Youth Power (Bosnia & Herzegovina), International Youth Committee for Educational Initiatives and Programs (IYCEIP) (Bulgaria), Bunkr, o.p.s. (Czech Republic), Aventura Marão Clube Associacao (AMC) (Portugal), ASK Yourself (Romania)

Duration of the project: 20.07.2018. – 19.03.2019.

Project POWER of KINDness has been funded with support from the European Commission.