Personal development in Zagreb

Personal development in Zagreb is a semi-annual project whose purpose was to increase the quality of life of workshop participants through strengthening self-confidence and the application of procedures for modifying unwanted behavior.

The ultimate goal of the workshops was to encourage and enable the creation of quality excellence and the effective transfer of best practice within the private and work environment. At the workshops, participants adopted methods and tools useful for easier coping in stressful situations.

Through workshops, students and the unemployed people were shown ways to improve their lives in the field of mental health and consequently increased their level of employability.

Project coordinator: Life Potential

Duration: 15  June 2016 – 31 December 2016

Financing:The project is co-financed by the City of Zagreb.

Objective of the project

Contribute to work with young people through the creation of the Center for Personal Development for Youth and its activities in the direction of developing learning and acquiring lifelong competencies.

Specific objectives of the project

  • acquiring skills for coping with stressful situations in a business environment
  • preserving the mental health of students and young unemployed people
  • developing professional competencies of students and young unemployed people
  • increasing the employability of students and young unemployed people

Target groups

  • 30 students and young unemployed people  involved in 2 cycles of workshops Youth and Personal Development
  • 5 volunteers
  • family members of participants

Main activities

  1. Event planning and organization
  2. Informing the public and promoting events
  3. Organization of lecture space
  4. 8 educational workshops for young people in order to increase the quality of life – 2 cycles of 4 workshops

 Expected results

  • 30 students and young unemployed people included in a cycle of workshops dedicated to the acquisition of life skills
  • 5 volunteers participated in the implementation of the project and indirectly got acquainted with the organization of events, but also the trainings that will be carried out conducted 8 personal development workshops through innovative methods for a total of 16 school hours
  • 2 trainers / lecturers participated in the workshops and gained practical experience in working with the participants of the mentioned trainings
  • 5 members of the association gained experience in project implementation and strengthened the organizational capacity of the association.

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