Join us on International Youth Exchange in Portugal

19.03 – 23.03.2018

“Acculturation Under Diversity”

30 young people from all over Europe are invited to learn how to organise events, attracting and collaborating with local people and actively participate in social life of community.

Main Idea of The Project

The Issue

Minorities, people with migrant background usually face the feeling of being disinegrated: they know how difficult to find friends, get empowerment and actively participate in local community life.

However successful integration is a two-way process of mutual accommodation between disintegrated groups and their local society. 

And in order to ensure this successful integration at least from one side we need to empower people who feel disintegrated to take initiative in this process!

The Aim of the Project

Gather 30 young people, those who face obstacles in the process of integration and those who would like to provide peer support, and using tools of non-formal education empower them to participate in social life of their comunities and collaborate with local people through event organization, thus ensuring the successful integration process.

Sounds complicated?

Read further and you’ll get what we mean 🙂

WHAT will EventBees do?

Gather for 7 days in a small town of Croatia in order to:

1. Experience national and multicultural dialogue.

2. Share their experience of integration/socialization and get support from peers.

3. Learn about event-management.

4. Practice it by organizing various creative events for peers and local community in Croatia.

5. Create and plan how to organize their own events in their home countries.

And of course Have Fun!

Methods of learning


Group Discussions

Workshops & Presentations

Working in groups


Informal learning & Learning from each other




can become an EventBee?

  • Young People from Latvia, Czech, Hungary, Croatia or Finalnd

  • From 18 to 30,

  • Newcomers to a local society, who face some type of disintegration (participants from rural area, from another cultural background, migrants, migrants in 2nd generation, etc) OR the one who are willing to help others to integrate more successfully

  • Interested in event management and willing to organize events

  • Highly motivated and willing to actively participate during the whole exchange and follow-up phase.


to become an EventBee?

1. Check if you correspond to participants’ profile.

2. Submit your application before 20.08.2017

3. Wait until the selection process will end at 3.09.2017

From each country a group of 6 people will be selected (5 + 1 group leader)

4. Get an email from Partners with further coordinations



1. There is no participation fee for ‘Event Bees’ youth exchange.

2. Venue & Food will be provided.

3. Travel expenses will be reimbursed to all participants according to travel limits.

Two-way travel limits:

Croatia and Hungary – 180EUR; Czech Republic and Latvia – 275EUR; Finland – 360EUR.

Partners of the Project

Czech Republic





CM Jindrichuv Hradec z.s.

Launch Pad Finland



Life Potential

If you need help, have questions or need further information please contact partner organisation in your country or host organisation “Life Potential” in Croatia!

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein