Hooray for Creative Entrepreneurship!

International youth exchange on entrepreneurship took place in Rijeka, Croatia on October 21-30, 2016.

For 8 days 30 young and talented people from Croatia, Romania, Italy, Cyprus and Portugal were learning, developing their own business ideas and having fun!

“Creative thinking inspires ideas. Ideas inspire change.“

                                                                                                                                                Barbara Januszkiewicz

Core elements of the program

The program was designed to actively involve participants and give them space to learn from team leaders, experts and trainers. The program of ‘Creative Entrepreneurship’ included the following elements:

  • project lifecycle and roles in the team;
  • creativity in brainstorming;
  • online tools for project promotion;
  • crowdfunding opportunities;
  • work on personal ideas;
  • inspiration from successful entrepreneurs;
  • the art of presentation;
  • feedback and support.

The program consisted of workshops delivered by participants and team leaders, cool and innovative tools ‘Life Potential’ team introduced to participants, invited entrepreneurs who shared their stories of success and gave feedback to participants’ ideas. We had also an ‘ideas fair’ where everyone’s ideas were heard, and we got to know each other more during intercultural evening and free time. The main working methods of the exchange were based on learning-by-doing approach.

Testimonials of participants

This youth exchange was a life-changing experience. I learned so much about entrepreneurship, marketing, Google AdWords, strategic planning… So many things which are very very useful for my future as an economics student. In general, I learned how to develop my business idea and to not give up, because there are many possibilities and solutions to the problems which arise. But the most important things that I learned and I consider them as the precious resources are how to be more open with people, to communicate my feelings, to express my ideas and who I am, and what are my strengths. This youth exchange was completely a discovery of myself.


I realized that I am not as shy as I thought. I know I am able to talk in front of a lot of people, and that I am able to do a good presentation of workshops. Now I just need to improve myself!


It was awesome. We learned a lot, worked hard on our projects, as well as had so much fun. I opened myself more towards people, learned more about marketing and Google AdWords. Learned more about myself, what I want to become and to achieve, as well as what I need to change in the future.


I learned how to plan and master my ideas in the best way possible. I practiced my talking skills and I became more and more confident talking to groups. I verified that I am an inspiring LEADER from the feedback I received, and that will get me going every time I hear “Freedom”. Adding value to people life will never go out of style.


I’ve learned about the elevator pitch, the lateral thinking, crowdfunding, Google AdWords, etc. I’ve also developed my personal skills and I feel sustained to set up my business one day. It was an experience I would like to repeat.


Feedbacks from participants

Venue and accommodation

During all 8 days of the intense program our home was Dharma Hostel, located on the coast of Adriatic Sea in Rijeka. Dharma provided us with the cozy venue, tasty and healthy vegetarian meals, morning yoga classes, and inspirational and relaxing views of the nature.

Dear Creative Entrepreneurs!

Thank you for these wonderful 8 days, when we were learning, acting and sharing our experiences together. We wish you the best of luck in all your new beginnings. Go ahead, and of course, don’t forget to be creative!