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‘Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.’ George Washington Carver

Life Potential together with the Faculty of Graphic Arts of the University of Zagreb is working on a one-semester student project. There are two specializations aiming to create functional user-friendly applications and develop visual cityscape designs.

Tesla Street Action

The role of Life Potential in this project is to provide the students with non-formal education in a real world environment and help them improve their soft skills. At the faculty the students are studying how to build flexible websites with user-oriented design. To make a good user-oriented application, it’s necessary to understand users’ needs and behaviour. During this semester we will be concentrating on communication skills, creative thinking and user-cantered design. In order to do this, we will have regular creative tasks, interactive activities and exercises.

Last week we organized Tesla Street Action event. The goal was to learn what issues young people see in Zagreb and how they can be solved with a mobile application. For this the students, divided into three groups and accompanied by trainers, went to Tesla Street to talk to passerby. People on the street were asked about mobile applications they like to use and what issues in Zagreb they see or face. One of the groups talked to shop keepers about online services and applications they use for their businesses and what technologies would be helpful for them. Based on the gathered information and identified needs, the students will develop ideas for useful mobile applications to be created. For example, one of the ideas is to build an application finding the best coffee nearby. We wish them all the best!

Creativity boost at Grafički Fakultet

On March 18, Life Potential had a creative workshop with students of Graphic Media Design (Dizajn grafičkih medija). This specialization focuses on graphic design, concept visualization, and branding.

Their project for the semester is to develop visual identities for neighbourhoods of Zagreb. In order to create remarkable designs, they will need to investigate the streets of chosen neighbourhoods to distinguish the core features.

The programme, prepared for the students by Life Potential, aims to develop their creative abilities and communication skills. During the first session, we used team work and three different methods of brainstorming: classic model, lateral thinking, and Disney method. It’s notable how different were the results of the three approaches. For example, using the classic brainstorming model, the students made similar design concepts. While lateral thinking, which is a way of out-of-the-box creative thinking, brought them to completely different and original results.

We also discussed the role of subjectivity in design and introduced basic NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) principles and tools that can be applied in design.

Life Potential team is very curious and excited to see the creation process and the final results in the end of semester!