April was kind of busy month, full of work, events, but also full of travelling.   We began with the interviews for the new EVSers that will come in October. It was a very nice experience to be involved in all this process, to check their application forms and even have interviews on Skype. At the end, after more than 20 interviews with awesome people,  we choose two new volunteers that will join the team in October, so stay tuned to find out their stories from October :D.  

Also in April I had my first pre-departure meeting with a group by myself. I choose and prepared 5 participants for going to a Youth Exchange in Romania which was a very nice opportunity of learning and dealing with different problems that appear on the way, like people quitting at the last moment. I already got some insights from them and they were very happy about the project so is a big success for me :D.  

I was talking with the other EVSers and they were always asking when I will have another improvisation workshop which actually I was not planning to have again, but after these questions I thought about another concept of improvisation which I love, which is body expression and improvisation through body language. The workshop was not so popular like the others, but being done in so short time and with a completely new approach is totally understandable. I want to thank to the people that had the courage to get out of their comfort zone and come and join us.  

In between the work and workshops we escaped to Graz to visit a friend and also to visit the place he is working with underage refugees. The place was in a small village close to the Alps and the experience was just amazing, just to interact with these people that the press writes so bad about.   Before going to mid-term we visited some EVS friends from Buje and had an interesting hitchhiking trip, 2 Macedonian boys and 2 Romanian girls on the road to this small little town called Buje. Even though the weather was not very friendly, we had a great time and met amazing people on the road and discovered this hidden area called Istria, good reason to come back to immerse more into its hidden villages and town.  

Mid-term finally came and brought good weather and a lot of new friends, we spent 4 days in Split and after we escaped for the weekend to Dubrovnik, which received us with the best weather we could ever had :D. Mid-term, gave me also the opportunity to practice again facilitation and get feedback on it, so together with two Italian girls I facilitated a workshop about YouthPass certificates which was a success.  

That’s all for now folks, see you next month with another stories.