Fragremt from Reality Transurfing by Vadim Zeland

From childhood, we’ve been trained to place our will under someone else’s, to fulfill their obligations, to serve the fatherland, our families, our political party, the company, government, ideas… To serve anybody at all, as long as we were served last. Everybody has, to a greater or lesser degree, this sense of obligation, of responsibility, of necessity, of guilt. Everybody in one way or another “serves” in various groups and organizations: the family, the club, learning institutions, the company, one’s political party, government and so forth. All these structures are born and develop when a separate group of people begin to think and act in the same direction. Then new people join and the structure grows, gains strength, forces its members to follow established rules and, in the end, subjugates itself to bigger layers of society.

On the level of material realization, the structure consists of people, united by common aims and material objects, such as buildings, structures, furniture, equipment, technology, and so on. But what stands behind all these, on the level of energy? The structure springs up when thoughts of a group of people are focused in one direction and, consequently, the parameters of mental energy are identical. The mental energy of individuals combines into one flow. In such a case, among the ocean of energy is created a separate, independent, energy-informational structure – the energy pendulum. This structure begins to live its own life and subjugates people, who participated in its creation, to its own laws.

Why a pendulum? Because a pendulum swings higher and faster, the more people – adherents – feed it with their energy. Every pendulum has its own characteristic frequency of vibrations. For example, you can move swings only by applying force of a certain frequency. This frequency is called its resonance. If the number of adherents to the pendulum is decreased, its essence will die. Here are several examples of pendulums that have died out: ancient pagan religions, stone instruments of labor, ancient forms of weaponry, old fashion trends, vinyl records – in other words, everything that existed before and is not now used.

You’re probably surprised that these are all really pendulums. Yes, any structure with its own attributes, created by people’s mental energy, is a pendulum. In general, any living beings, capable of radiating energy in one direction, sooner or later create energy pendulums. Here are examples of pendulums in living Nature: colonies of bacteria, populations of living creatures, schools of fish, herds of animals, forest masses, prairies, ant-hills – any more or less well-regulated and homogeneous structures of living organisms.

Each separate living organism by itself is an elementary pendulum, inasmuch as it represents one energy unit. When a group of such pendulum units begin to swing in unison, a group pendulum is created. It stands over its adherents like a superstructure, it exists as a separate, independent structure and sets rules for its adherents, to keep them together and gather new adherents. Such a structure is independent in the sense that it develops independently, according to its own laws. The adherents don’t recognize that they act by the laws of the pendulum, and not by their own arbitrary rule. For example, a bureaucratic apparatus develops as an independent structure, not relying on the will of its separate officials. Of course, an influential official can make independent decisions, but these decisions cannot run counter to the laws of the system; otherwise, such an adherent would be voted down. Even a single person by himself, representing a pendulum in himself, doesn’t always realize his motivations. For example, an energy vampire.

Any pendulum, by its very nature, is destructive, as it takes energy from its adherents and exercises its power over them. The destructiveness of a pendulum can be seen by its lack of interest in the fate of its individual adherents. A pendulum has only one aim – to get energy from its individual adherents – whether or not this is of benefit to the adherents is of no concern to the pendulum. A person, finding himself under the influence of a system, is obliged to build his life in accordance with the system’s laws; otherwise the system will chew him up and spit him out. Finding oneself under the influence of a destructive pendulum, one can easily ruin one’s life. To pull oneself out without loss is, as a rule, very difficult.

If a person is successful in this, he finds his own place in the system and feels there like a fish in water. Being an adherent, he gives energy to the pendulum, which provides him with a medium for existence. But as soon as the adherent begins to break the rules of the structure, the frequency of his radiations are already not in sync with the resonance frequency of the pendulum’s swings. Not receiving energy, the pendulum then throws off, or even destroys, the obstinate adherent.

If a person then is led far from the most favorable places for him, then life in the structure of an alien pendulum turns into a living hell, or simply into a cheerless existence. Such a pendulum becomes, for the adherent, clearly destructive. A person, falling under its influence, loses his freedom. He is obliged to live by laws forced on him, and to be a little screw in a large mechanism – whether he likes it or not.

Man can fall under the protection of a pendulum and attain outstanding results. Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin and other similar figures – these were all favorites of destructive pendulums. But, in any case, this pendulum had absolutely no care for the welfare of its adherents, but only used them for its own aims. When Napoleon was asked, had he ever been truly happy, he counted only several days out of his whole life.

Pendulums are used as refined methods for the seduction of new adherents, who fly to them, like moths to the flame. How often do people, enticed by advertising material of a pendulum, stray far away from happiness, which was all the time right beside them! They join the army and perish. They go into learning institutions and in vain master all sorts of things not in their profession. They find alien, but seemingly prestigious, work and drown in a sea of problems. They connect their lives with those of strangers and then suffer the consequences.

Activity of the pendulum very often leads to destruction of the individual fates of its adherents, although it tries to hide its motives behind all sorts of noble masks. The chief danger for the person, who has subjugated himself to the influence of a destructive pendulum, is that the pendulum leads a person’s sacrifice away from those areas of life, where he could acquire happiness. Let us note a pendulum’s differentiating characteristics.

• A pendulum feeds on the energy of its adherents and because of this, increases the height of its swings.

• A pendulum tries to attract as many supporters as possible to itself, in order to receive as much energy as possible. • A pendulum sets its group of adherents against all other groups (Look at us, we are better than them).

• A pendulum aggressively finds fault with all those, who don’t want to become its adherents, and tries either to attract them to its side, or to neutralize or remove them.

• A pendulum uses good-looking, attractive masks, protects itself with noble aims, plays on people’s emotions, in order to justify its own actions and conquer as many adherents as possible.

• A pendulum, by its very nature, is an egregor, but this doesn’t tell the whole story by any means. The concept of “egregor” does not reflect the entire complex of interaction of a person with the energy-informational essences. Pendulums play a much greater role in people’s lives than is suspected.

The way that pendulums swallow energy of its adherents can easily be illustrated by the following example. Imagine a full stadium, a tense soccer match is underway, passions are red-hot, fans are raging. Suddenly, one player makes an unforgivable blunder, which leads to his team’s defeat. A storm of indignation descends on the player from the fans, they’re ready to tear him apart. Can you imagine, what a mass of negative energy comes down on the head of the unfortunate player? From such a monstrous blow, you’d expect him to die right on the spot. But that doesn’t happen, instead he’s alive and well, although crushed by the sense of his guilt. Where did the negative energy go, that was directed toward the player? The pendulum collected it. If this would not have been so, then the object of the crowd’s anger would have died, while the game’s idol would have soared into the heavens.

I don’t mean to judge, whether the pendulum is an animated essence or simply an energy form. This has simply no meaning for Transurfing. The main thing is to recognize the pendulum for what it is and not accept its game without using it for oneself. To know a destructive pendulum is very simple, by one differentiating characteristic. It always competes in the struggle for people, with others like itself. A pendulum only has one aim – to capture as many adherents as possible, in order to get as much energy as possible. The more aggressive a pendulum acts in its struggle for adherents, the more destructive it is; that is, it presents a danger to the fate of an individual person.

One could object that there exist, after all, charitable organizations, societies for the preservation of Nature, animals, and others. What could be destructive in them? For you personally – it is that, however you slice it, they feed off of your energy and they care not a whit for an individual’s happiness or well-being. They appear merciful to others, while remaining indifferent to you. If this suits you, and you truly feel happy with such work, then this can be considered your calling, and you have found your pendulum. But here it’s necessary to be sincere with oneself, ask yourself if you are not really just wearing the mask of a benefactor. Are you truly giving out your energy and money for the good of others, or are you playing with being charitable, in order to appear better than you really are?

Destructive pendulums have taught people not to choose their own fate. For, if a person were truly free in his choice, he would find independence. Then he wouldn’t be attracted to pendulums as one of their adherents. Our consciousness is so accustomed to the idea that our fate is our destiny, and it’s truly very difficult for us to believe in the possibility of choosing the fate which we would want to have. It’s useful for pendulums to keep adherents under control; therefore, they invent all sorts of ways to manipulate their servants. From what is discussed below, it will become clear, how this is done.

Transurfing could also become a pendulum, if you make a cult, movement, or school out of it. Different pendulums are, of course, destructive to different degrees. Transurfing, even in the worst case, will appear much less destructive, inasmuch as it serves not some sort of other, general aim, but only exists exclusively for the good of the individual. Therefore, such a pendulum would be very unusual, looking like a society of individualists, occupied exclusively with their own individual fates.

By the way, here is your homework – what pendulums can be called constructive?

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