Our EVS year in Zagreb is almost over. Here are some places and experiences we want to share with future EVSers and everyone else visiting Zagreb. For the ‘official’ top destinations, please consult your guidebook or travel advisor. This is our alternative suggestion list.


Top things to see:



  • Maksimir Park. This is the right place for nature lovers: forest, green lawns, and several lakes close to the city center. Can be explored by bicycle or on foot.
  • Museum of Broken Relationships. It has happened to many of us… Even if not – go and discover what to expect. And maybe you can give to the museum some item from your personal life. The exhibition is changed every several months.
  • Sjelme/ Medvedgrad. 1,033 m high mountain with beautiful forest and a lot of hiking routes very near Zagreb. Close to the top is located Medvedgrad – the medieval castle. Awesome views over the city are included.
  • Dolac market. For fresh and local food, Dolac is one of the best places in the town. You can get really good deals here, as well as a cultural experience.



To see around Zagreb:



  • Samobor. This old and very atmospheric town is just 30 km away from Zagreb. It has its small castle, many hiking routes, and welcoming cafes. Try Kremšnita when you are there.
  • Varazdin. This Little Vienna’ Croatian town is known for its baroque architecture, lots of green parks, and laid-back atmosphere. A good place to just relax.




Nice cafes:



  • Booksa. This is a book cafe. So, come here with your book, laptop, or a friend for chit-chat. They also have regular events there.
  • The cookie factory. Some of the best cakes and cookies can be found here. Try the famous brownie with icecream.
  • Caffe Bar Finjak. Very atmospheric and cozy place with cool interior. The right place to chill and chat.
  • A most unusual garden. Artsy and cosy cafe with a garden and tree house outside.
  • Kava Tava. Must-try pancakes are here.
  • Divas. Just a beautiful cafe for a good time and drinks.
  • Velvet. Stylish and quiet place with good cakes.



Cheap places to eat:



  • Pizza slice at the main square. Good and always convenient.
  • Menza. This is a student canteen with more than 10 locations around the city. You just need to have a student card, or go with someone who has one.
  • Pizza and cevapi next to Dolac market. Eat like a local.



Cheap places to shop:


O NAMA. A cheap shop for everything from items for home to clothes, shoes and sweets.