Servus & Здравствуйте [Zdravstvuyte]!

We are Iulia and Alena, EVS volunteers at Life Potential for the next year.

Iulia is from Romania and arrived to Croatia hitchhiking around the Balkans. She loves taking photos and working with people using creative and alternative ways of expression.

Alena is from Russia, she has also lived and worked in Asia. She is interested in non-formal education and social entrepreneurship. She loves art and hiking.

We both have passion for traveling and exploring new cultures.

We came here to learn more about NGOs, networking with organizations and volunteers, online marketing, coaching and self-development. We want to develop our communication skills and creativity, put into practice the social media tools. We are looking forward to meeting many new people from different fields, countries and mindsets. We are excited to explore Croatia, experience and understand the new culture.




After just 3 days in Zagreb, we have already lost ourselves wandering on the narrow streets, in green parks, around stunning churches. We have experienced the cosy, welcoming and laid-back atmosphere of Zagreb with its night life, street musicians; even took part in a world food festival. People here are very friendly, open-minded and diverse.

Let’s see what this EVS experience will bring us and how we will change during this year. Discover, Dream and Do!

To be continued… More stories are coming soon 😉