Word of the month: Improvisation! Improvisation is all about expressing yourself freely without the fear of being judged or disapproved. It gives you the feeling that you can do everything you want because mainly it prepares you for reacting at everyday situation using creative ideas and spontaneity. Improvisation theatre is a subject very dear to me, mostly because I discovered it through a dear friend from Romania and changed my perspective over problem solving and stressful situations. I followed her improvisation school for 3 months in 2014 and since then I used it together with my friends as a way of everyday entertainment and philosophy of life.  

While I was writing my Erasmus+ project, which was totally based on this method, I got many insights and decided to make a small workshop during our monthly workshops, based on Improvisation theatre.  

I prepared and delivered the workshop together with my coordinator and during 2-3h we didn’t know how time passed, people had fun and freed their inner child and jump on in the game of improvisation without thinking what others may say, just expressing freely. We worked with different elements that are used in improvisation theatre as voice, body language and creative speaking and thinking and challenged the participants to go out of their comfort zone. It was our most successful workshop, as the participants said, and gave me the proof once again what improvisation can do to the people that get in contact with it.

After this workshop was my time to get out of my comfort zone and I went at a workshop in Maksimir Park organized by the EVS volunteers of Outward Bound NGO which was very nice and fun, brought me back to the nature and reminded me of the time when we were going in the park in Romania with my friends with hammocks and slackline. Also at that workshop I met the new Romanian girl in town, Ileana, now we are 2 :D.

As the EVS volunteers from this organization were about to finish their project, we had many farewell parties for them and I got the idea of organizing another improvisation workshop this time in the park and for EVS people so they can get there too. We had an awesome, sunny day in the park with around 20 people of different nationalities and challenged them to get to know each other using clock dating game, sharing invisible objects or playing freeze. Everybody was tired and happy at the end, so I took it as a very successful and to be continue events of improvisation.

Of course I couldn’t stay still in the country, so if at the beginning of the month I came back from Macedonia, at the end, for the Catholic Easter I went to Venice to meet a big friendly family of Erasmus people from Portugal. Now that I look back at it, it seems like a full month 😀