A month is passing fast or maybe not. I started my contact with Zagreb by getting lost after hitchhiking from Macedonia and it seemed to be the word of the month “lost”. It took me a while until I managed to find my own fast way to the office, but I enjoyed the process of exploring wrong ways.

The city is not much different than my dear Cluj-Napoca, maybe just bigger and with much more events and alternative people. Walking on the streets of Zagreb I’ve met a lot of street artists and this made me smile, because I have a passion for street art and performing arts, so Zagreb seems to be a good place for this, but I am still searching for more.

After 3 weeks together, I’ve got used with it’s streets, parks, dogs and of course events and street artists. But I haven’t find my own place yet, it will last a lil bit more.

This month came also with my birthday, of which I was kind of terrified, being the first time out of my country in this day, but it turned to be better than I was expecting. My team prepared me a nice surprise at the office in the morning, waiting for me with balloons, sweets and a flower and it continued with going out in a nice alternative place, called Swanky Monkey, which actually became the official place for our first event inside our project, the EVS Gathering.

But, from far, my favorite present, was my weekend trip to Graz, which was suggested and planned randomly by my Macedonian friend.

From trip to trip, we ended after that to one week training in Orahovica where we’ve met the other EVS volunteers from Croatia. Sincerely, after all the stories I’ve heard from my friends who’ve been EVS before about this training, I was not too willing to go, but it surprised me with nice people and a real project organized and implemented in less than 24h.

Life is going on, here in Zagreb, with new findings everyday and waiting to see what will come next.

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