For a long time I was thinking about volunteering. I always liked the idea of devoting myself to a positive action and change. But there always was something that stopped me – obstacles or just excuses. I need to concentrate on studies, I need to find a job, I need to become professional first and then I can do much more… Unfortunately, nowadays volunteering often requires you to have enough money to cover expenses, especially if you want to combine it with exploration of other countries and cultures.

I looked through and considered many projects until I eventually found the EVS at Life Potential. I liked it from the very beginning, but only being already in Croatia, I realized how perfectly it suites my needs, interests and aspirations. It’s really great that there are such opportunities as EVS, which provide all the support required to help so many young people in their development and self-realization, making them involved in meaningful projects and activities. Even during just 3 weeks of my EVS I’ve learned a lot here. For me it’s a wonderful experience, discoveries, friendly and informal collaboration, always something new and creative, experimentation, active participation and sharing. Thanks to all the people around me, they all are very different, and they are one of the best parts of my EVS. This one-year experience is a big step towards more mindful, cheerful and fulfilling life. Volunteering is a new field for me, but I’m planning to continue working with NGOs in the future.


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