Let’s see what happened lately in the EVS life in Zagreb.

The city is alive and full of events, hard to choose where to go, but first…work. We finally finished some old projects, like making the brochure for Grow Creative Youth Exchange which contains exercises that were done during the project and that people can use in their personal projects or organisations. It was interesting working again in Publisher and trying to make it look decent and catchy at the same time. Also, as you could see already, we did our last video that shows how you can promote your event and which are the tools we are using in our NGO, such as Google Ads, Facebook events, Landing pages and Newsletters.  

Last, but not least in the working part, I had to realize a landing page for an organisation that is trying to make a reform in education in Croatia: Građanski odgoj i obrazovanje. It was a big challenge for me to make the design and implement it in WordPress, but our partners were very happy about the result. So, new design that will go to freelancing portfolio.  

Let’s go to fun part!   We went on hiking trip to Medvedgrad with some other EVSers and their friends. The hike was actually shorter than we expected, but the view from up is amazing. We couldn’t resist climbing the walls and we had a nice picnik with a beautiful view over the city.   Meditereean dinner was also present this month and Kuzma delighted our tastes with his cooking skills preparing shells in wine for us. We prepared the dinner in our apartment with the whole team and spent quality time together. Check the pictures for an insight view.  

At the same time I had two friends staying at my place for few days, a Romanian girl and her Australian boyfriend, Cristina and Max. They were absolutely amazing giving to our apartment an interesting scent of Budhist temple and filling in the atmosphere with the ukulele’s sound and Cristina’s beautiful voice. Having a two months experience of living in Lisbon, playing music on the streets and dumpster diving the markets around, they took advantage also of the delicious products from Dolac. They introduced me to dumpster diving, or picking up the remaining fruits/vegetables from the market, and put me face to face to Croatian language while trying to explain to one of the sellers where are we from and what we are doing around in my rich and confusing combination of Balkan languages.   Having new people in your old town always helps you see it from another perspective and find new interesting things to do or see.