Whatever we do and whatever is happening life is going on and on. We are looking forward, anticipating something in the future, but what we eventually get is never the same as we expected it to be, for better or worse. I doesn’t matter how deliberately we contemplate, plan, and arrange things; there always will be something unexpected in the end. Won’t it be just boring to know in advance what is awaiting for you? Has it even happened that you got something you hadn’t even though about, and it was much more fulfilling than anything you could imagine. We might be looking for something, be so determined, struggle for it, to get disappointed after all or completely change direction halfway through?

At the same time, looking back we pick up just particular moments. We usually remember better positive moments and forget (or hide deep) bad ones. Our memory is quite selective and functions in a very specific way. Thus, even what has already happened is running away from us and getting blurred and smooth.

Is it possible then to be in any other moment but right here, right now? How can it be possible to grasp anything from this moment flow?

Is there anything we really possess?  Are even our bodies something we have and control? Is breathing something happening itself or what we control?

Do we do it or does it do us?

Our mind is used to perceive everything as dual. There’s nothing good without something bad, substance without emptiness, light without darkness, inside without outside. All concepts are comparative, conventional and exist only in relation with each other.

It’s all not about getting somewhere; there’s no destination point, but the process of going.

Letting it go and going with the flow is not a passive or weak attitude, but acceptance of what you cannot control, without chasing illusions and tilting windmills.

So, the trip is going on and on.