Standing in a beautiful sunlight and wondering how this month and year past so fast, I recovered some interesting points during this month and travelling back to Romania for Christmas and back in Macedonia for New Years Eve.

The Christmas spirit started in Zagreb with the big Advent market which was actually considered the Best Christmas market in Europe this year. The smell of hot wine and sausages was hitting you from far away and inviting you to try them choosing from the multiple stand aligned in “Evropski TRG” There was a river of people every evening flowing along the main streets of the city in the direction of the Advent.

Next Christmas experience came with a cosy Christmas event in the association of another group of EVS, I learnt that there is a Advent Calendar that everybody buys to keep counting the days until Christmas and for each day they have a candy. After we found out about the ginger bread house that is made from eatable materials, but actually never eaten, the evening continued among internationals and Croatians working together in resolving Christmas questions, decorating the ginger bread house and making Christmas postcards.

The high temperature didn’t let us feel that Christmas is around, warming us up to 15  C while travelling back to Romania. I travelled from Zagreb to Belgrade with 15 C and sun on 23 of December with the intention to get home, in Romania, for Christmas. The plans didn’t work as easy as we expected, so we had to make up an adventure plan as there is no proper transport connection between Serbia and the south of Romania. 24th of December passed as a normal day in Belgrade, where I had the surprise to find out that  actually, in Serbia, Macedonia and some other countries, the Christmas is coming a lil’ bit later, in January.

After a long trip and funny discoveries we managed to have Christmas on 26 and 27 instead of 25th in Romania. Christmas can be always surprising, mostly when you get 2 instead of one. I let you with some Christmas pictures from Zagreb, sunny Belgrade and Craiova.