EVS experience is by itself full of experiences and lessons learnt, good or bad, you always learn something about yourself, others and the world.  

The recipe is simple, take 12 months in a foreign country, ideally in a place where you don’t know the local language and engage in work with an international team. The outcomes of the recipe depends on many factors, but you always end up with lessons learnt.

You grow passing from simple daily problems like buying a bread in the new language (Može pola kruh sa siemenkom) to deeper misunderstandings and cultural differences. You might discover that not everybody has the same values and realize you are the one who has to stand up for yourself. But please understand that the assumptions are the dead of the communication.

You won’t stop immersing in new experiences, meeting new people, making friends, discover new cultures and embrace the cultural differences and learn, learn, learn.   Professional growth is also present and mostly when you don’t give away an opportunity to do something you never did before just because is new.

Going from On-arrival to mid-term and further on, the year almost passed and my short list of learnt things includes: some Croatian, WordPress, web design, project management, event management, project writing, workshop planning and delivery, video editing.

The majority were practiced and improved and a few learnt from zero.Skills are never too many, you never know when you need something. In this moment, I can consider myself a Jack of all trades knowing to do all kind of things that I can use in my future without depending on somebody.

Below you can check an infographic about my year in Croatia and photos from different moments around the year.