Finalizing my almost one-year EVS experience and comparing it with all the projects, internships and jobs I’ve had before, I came to the following conclusions:

  • EVS is indeed an awesome opportunity in many ways.

Because you CAN:

  • Actively participate and contribute to your host organization’s goals;
  • Get support at all stages of the program;
  • Experience a new culture while living like a local and getting integrated into the daily life;
  • Learn and practice a foreign language;
  • Make many new friends from different countries and cultures;
  • Meet lots of like-minded people;
  • Improve your communication skills dealing with very different people;
  • Learn how to collaborate and work with others;
  • Become more creative and flexible;
  • Experience different lifestyles;
  • Completely change your life;
  • Start building your career in a chosen direction;
  • Get new skills and knowledge;
  • Work on your own projects and ideas;
  • Try yourself in multiple areas to find your own way;
  • Have a lot of time for your personal interests and hobbies;
  • Travel wide (and wild);
  • Challenge yourself;
  • Take care of your health with a good international insurance;
  • Get ready and prepared for the next life step;
  • Learn a lot of new things about yourself;
  • Broaden your world perspective;
  • Find your place in this world;
  • Dream.

So, if you haven’t tried EVS yet, I can definitely recommend it. Especially if you haven’t had much international or working experience before – it’s a good start. It’s also a great option for those who want to take a break from their career paths, try something new, or make a big life change.

There’re no universal recipes but a lot of opportunities – it’s only up to you what your own unique experience will be about.