If you find a job you love, you will never have to work a day in your life! If that’s what you keep in mind as an idea, you must write it down and turn it into a plan. Why? Because 90% of ideas that people have are never being implemented into life. And the reason for it are several traps that we all fall into on the way to our dreams. Below you will find the list of these traps and some tips that will help you to achieve your goal.

Trap 1: overthinking

The amount of obstacles that one finds on the way to create his or her business is considerable: for instance economic crisis, political situation, lack of money to start…  In addition to that, we tend to make our lives even more difficult by overthinking, or by being perfectionists, and at the same time by not finding qualitative time to think and act. By think I mean to ask ourselves: what I am doing and what I want to do. Answering these questions helps to set up the goal. By act I mean getting out of the autopilot mode, stepping out of the comfort zone, being curious, believing in yourself and just going for it. To start thinking and acting, there is a tool which will help you – it’s called a Diary of Success. Each day you should write down in it every small step you made to achieve your goal, and by this you’ll visualize your way towards it. Remember that every single step, even the smallest one, is a success.

Trap 2: waiting for the right moment to start

Remember: if you want to succeed, you must start before you are ready. Yes, the way towards success won’t be easy; anyway, you should give it a try and invest 100% of you into it. The truth is that the moment which would be better than now will never come. You will never be 100% ready for everything that will happen. And moreover, there is no formula ready made to apply to every single problem that arises, because every situation is always different.

Trap 3: setting unrealistic goals

Some people say that we are supposed to have goals for 30 years ahead. But let’s be realistic and set our goals in more achievable way. You should avoid setting uncertain goals – this applies not only to the time framework, but also to the formulation of the goal itself. It’s useful to write your goal down. And after you have written your goal, write next to it: I WILL DO IT FOR SURE.

Trap 4: being negative

Believe it or not, positive thinking will change the way how you pay attention to things. To see how it works, you just need to turn challenges into opportunities. Avoid negative thinking like “I will never be better than others, so there is no reason to try”. And if you feel like you need more inspiration and fresh energy, try to go an easy way for a while. Remember: for any problem, there is always an answer somewhere there; you just need to ask yourself the right question.

Trap 5: relying only on yourself

To be an entrepreneur, you should avoid being unwilling to work on yourself. But also, avoid doing everything yourself. It’s not only ineffective, but also hardly possible. Don’t worry that you don’t know something, or can’t find a solution for a problem. Instead of worrying, get a mentor.

Trap 6: being afraid of mistakes

Be prepared that something will go wrong at some point, and avoid getting stuck in failures. Mistakes are your friends, not foes. Identify them, learn from them and do not transfer your failures into cancellations of your plans. To stay more confident, avoid being unprepared for any case: think which problems may arise and set up a backup plan.

Trap 7: being uncreative

Avoid not being creative. If you don’t have a solution for the problem, just create it. You wonder “how”? I suggest you to put yourself in a child’s place: with playfulness, you will get something out of you that you have never imagined before. Keep a diary always with you and write down all your brainstorming ideas.

Trap 8: focusing too much on “what” you are doing instead of thinking about “why”

Finally, when sharing your idea with others, avoid saying to people what you are doing. Instead, tell them why you are doing it. Make them to believe in what you believe. Use the right words to describe it. For inspiration check the “I Have a Dream” speech.


So, you have an idea? If you do and you need slightly more inspiration to move forward, visit the next entrepreneurship exchange program. You will be amazed of how much you can get out of it! This kind of exchange programs help us to get out of our comfort zones, learn and work together with others, and improve the teamwork by communicating at all levels. And of course, to learn how to work hard to make our dreams come true.

Panayiota Nicolaou