“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” Walt Disney


During our Upgrade Yourself workshop we used many different tools, here is one more tool to boost your team work: Disney Method of brainstorming.

Walt Disney, the legendary entrepreneur, animator, and film producer used this powerful method to think-up and refine ideas to achieve impressive results.

This method breaks thinking process into 3 distinct parts: The Dreamers, the Planners, and the Critics.

If you can dream it, you can do it. – Walt Disney


  1. At first, the team (or you on your own) are DREAMERS.
    At this phase imagine the ideal situation without any constraints, consider all sorts of ideas, and don’t limit yourselves. Whatever comes to your minds.
    No criticism or judgment is allowed here!
    Generate as much ideas as you can, and don’t forget to write them down.
  2. Now switch your location to change the environment and mindset and turn into PLANNERS.
    This’s time for a practical and constructive thinking.
    Review ideas created by Dreamers to select the best.
    Work it up into a project plan with costs, time-frames, risks and benefits.
  3. Change your environment again to become CRITICS.
    Revise the plan in order to identify possible problems, obstacles and risks.
    Be critical and constructive, but don’t get negative or cynical.
    The objective is to spot the issues with the plan and to make it better.

At this stage the process might be complete or you might want to go back to one of the other styles to enhance your project or add more ideas.

Do your best – and here is your plan, creative and smart!

Try Disney Method next time you are working on new ideas or projects to see them comprehensively from three different perspectives.

Life Potential team tried it – and it really works!