Time flies fast and takes with it experiences, people, joyful moments, sad moments, places, smells and tastes.

It was also the case of these 3 months, already, in Croatia.

October came with our first Youth Exchange in Life Potential Team, which took place in Rijeka. This small, coast town, alternative town, as it is called between the Croatians, welcomed us with heavy rain and a big group of new foreign friends.

Two crazy weeks in Rijeka that seemed like a carousel that was moving very fast bringing new knowledge and experiences together with funny moments and tough introspection exercises

Rijeka also brought small little moments that made the rain more enjoyable. Walking in the morning in the rain, looking at the sea and wondering where the big ship full of containers comes from and what the tiny little stairs that are going in the direction of the sea are hiding. Picking pomegranate from the tree in the middle of the city and sharing it with friends. Discovering an old abandoned paper factory and going back to the past while investigating every corner of the huge concrete skeleton that remained from the factory.

Always when I am close to the sea, it makes me wonder where does this strong connection comes from, I had it in Azores and every time I am discovering a new sea, I would prefer to have my office there, close to it and look outside dreaming of another traveling adventure while drinking my morning coffee. The heart of a traveler is never calm, it is always thinking of a new place to discover and get lost in.

With this desire in mind we got back to the road after just two weeks in Zagreb, hitting the road in the direction of Plitvitce Jezera lakes. Hitchhiking brought me back to life with a joy of meeting new people and going into the unknown again. We drove with high speed on the mountain narrow roads in the direction of the park with our cool driver while listening to loud music and old war stories, discovering hidden places from the beautiful Croatia.

We met Plitvice with the whole splendor of autumn beauty, especially with the colors of the falling leaves, but full of selfie sticks and tiny long-eyed people from the Far East. I never thought that they could give a more interesting perspective in my photos, going out of the boring landscape style.

After so much wandering, was time to go back on earth and I got shaken by dark news coming from my country, filling in my FB newsfeed when a club in Bucharest got into fire and killed many youngsters during a rock concert. The black cloud of greaf brought the people together in the street for important political changes.

Coming back to the daily life in Zagreb with repetitive busy days and beautiful sunny mornings. Até breve.