The Youth Exchange project G.R.E.E.N. (Get Ready for Eliminating Endangerments of Nature) was held from 18th to 27th April in a small Romanian town of Cristuru Secuiesc in the heart of the splendid Transylvania. With Greece, Lithuania, Portugal and Spain, during the 10-day project, there was also a Croatian team participating with one boy and five girls from different parts of Croatia.

Following the main topic of environmental protection, every day was devoted to its various segments so during the stay participants had the opportunity to gain some new information and knowledge on measures and means that each country applies for the preservation of natural water sources, recycling, use of alternative energy sources, reallocating raw materials for the purpose of energy conservation and so on. Every day there were material products made by participants such as trash bins, placards and posters. In addition, we as participants included the local community in our activities.

Also, participation in the project contributed to the mutual cooperation of different cultures in terms of looking at different aspects of a problem and its resolution through teamwork. Participants had the opportunity to enjoy not only in the Romanian cuisine but also delicious food from other participating countries. The peculiarities of each country were presented during the international evening where participants were able to hear the information about the language, customs and culture of various countries.

To conclude, Erasmus + project represents a very good way in which young people socialize, stay in a foreign country and adopt new knowledge combined in a fun and educational way.

Croatian team is satisfied with this experience and recommends to all young people and is looking forward to the upcoming meetings!