Life Potential volunteer Dora is now having her EVS project in Rieti, Italy, where she together with volunteers from other countries help to refugee minors in organising their lives. In this blog she shares her EVS experience us.

November was a month that carried a lot of unusual experiences that volunteers from other European countries probably will not be able to write about. Italy was shaking, very much, terremoto was the scare among people and the topic of every small talk. Our French volunteer soon left and went back home until everyday earthquakes stoped. A lot of people here were sleeping in their cars. Fortunately, soon enough everything settled down and we moved on to another tragic and unusual topic: our Armenian volunteer was hospitalized because she had inflamed kidney and that was keeping her away from home for three weeks. The volunteer from Lithuania and I were the last ones left in our apartment. We called this situation „Hunger games“ whereas he ate so much and I considered myself a lucky survivor (still am!). But finaly the end of November came and we are four again : ) (for now at least!).

During this month we got the opportunity to explore Rieti, very soon we knew some important things about the city, even though it’s a small one we still discover a new thing every day. We found out where to drink coffee, that is usually drank standing and in less than ten minutes, where to get a good Marittoci, a sweet and delicious bagel, which shortcuts to use, good bars with good prices for beer and much more. Fridays are good for the night out because most of the bars have live music and there is always a lot of people (in comparison to how many you see them during the day). To not forget Zagreb, here I also don’t buy a bus ticket, and it seems to be common thing among Italians so I’m blending in just fine. We also didn’t forget to visit Rome and to find out what is so special about Fontana di Trevi, Piazza Navona and Pantheon, and I can say that they are captivating.

Activities were mostly connected to learning Italian which I really improved and I can talk to people now (yeeey), understanding them when they talk to each other is still very demanding. We all became tutors and started helping our beneficiaries with some school subjects. This also helps us a lot cause some guys don’t speak English so we had to improve our Italian. One of my tasks was also to go to Rome with one of our beneficiaries for his interview at the commision about asylum, a very stressful day for each and every boy that is with us in the organization.

Can’t wake to see what December will bring me and also visiting home for Christmas!

Baci e abbracci, Dora

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