I just knew that I will like it, there were some questions, some doubts, some reasons to stay, but fortunately nothing talked me out of taking part in an EVS project in Rieti, a nice little city, just an hour and a half drive away from Rome. My name is Dora, I’m a 27 years-old Croatian girl, born in Zagreb and I decided to understand the beauties of international volunteering working in the area that I was most interested in – refugees. Beforehand I wasn’t quite sure what my tasks will be and so the first two weeks were surprising.

Starting off with our house, it is a very nice and cozy apartment on the top floor where we immediately felt like home, and when I say we I mean my collegues and roomates from Armenia, France and Lithuania. By doing everything together and discovering Rieti and Rome, first weeks passed so fast.

First tasks of my marry group were connected to a festival RIC (Rieti Invasione Creative) and special project Book of Blood. We attended a few discussions, a comics course and gave a single drop of blood for the project Book of Blood. This project tells us that we are all the same and we all have the same color of blood. This blood was used to rewrite the declaration on human rights. Interesting and dramatic I would say.

Our next tasks were learning all procedures neccessary for our guys (refugee minors) to get their document, do the medical tests and so on… Our days were filled with learning italian language, really unavoidable here, you just learn it with time  and with packing donations for poor families of Rieti. Whenever it was possible we would take the chance to visit beautiful Rome, we would keep on discovering it throughout the whole day and be mesmerised with its every detail.

I’m leaving comments about earthquakes out of this blog to make it softer to read, anyhow, bella italia, cara gente, buon cibo.