Life Potential is an organization for creative solutions

in the field of personal and team development

By accelerating personal growth, the benefits and impact of our work is greatly increased


Life Potential is a non-profit organization which aims at developing potential of both – individuals and community as whole. We believe that the positive transformation comes from within every individual, and when the individuals connect, they can bring profound and lasting changes to community.


Our mission is to support development of human potential, as well as to empower non-profit organizations to bring the most benefits to the community.


1) Activities in field of Personal development

Non-formal education sessions for groups

– Regular meetings with a given group, or intensive 12-days long programs.

– The focus is on personal development of young people via methods of neuro-linguistic programming and coaching with the aim of supporting people in finding their inner potential to realize their visions.

Coaching sessions for individuals

– Individual coaching sessions are held in person or via video-chat program.

– The sessions are focused on life coaching, which helps individuals solve their burning issues and supports their development, or learning coaching, which helps students or young professionals to achieve higher efficiency of their learning process.

2) Activities in the field of Online promotion

Target groups: NGOs which lack efficient digital marketing, as well as their staff and others who want to learn how to run online campaigns for NGOs on their own.

The aim: to help non-profit organizations to strengthen their social impact by enhancing their visibility online. Good visibility on the internet is essential for non-profit organizations in order to reach their target groups, potential donors and volunteers and to spread awareness about their missions among the wide public.

To help them achieve good visibility, we provide services of complex online marketing for NGOs, including Google Ad Words

campaigns, website building and optimization, e-mail marketing, social media advertising, video marketing and using Google


We also organize education programs for NGO members and young people in the field of online promotion of NGOs. Besides, we regularly hold presentations for NGOs, where we present our services and their benefits.

Unleash your inner perfection and rise to your highest potential