1. Getting grazlost and discovering a new city.

One of the good things that EVS brings to you is being in a new city and discovering where the good things are like the good and cheap food, nice places to go out or just the beautiful natural places to get lost in.


2. Working and Learning about Erasmus +

Even from the beginning of September when we arrived we started talking about Erasmus+ projects and about the opportunity of learning how to write and work with them which for me is one of the best opportunities from my EVS.

3. Travel

Even though we have a fix schedule, somehow my traveller spirit found a way of going out of the city in the weekends. So in 3 months I already have been to Graz, Rijeka, Plitvitce lakes and Belgrade. I am sure there will be more to come, just to find a perfect “crime” partner.

4. Working with online marketing

I finished Advertising faculty and always had a passion for alternative advertising and online marketing, but didn’t have the real chance to work in this field. Now I have it and I am learning and working with Google Adwords and Social Media and learning even how to build WordPress websites.

5. Living in a green and cozy city full of internationalsbotanical-garden

Zagreb is big, but somehow not very crowded like the other capitals and that makes it cozy. Adding also the countless parks and green areas raises it to my perfect city standards. Should I add also that is full of international people? What can you ask more?

6. Learning while working.

I am really happy with my project at Life Potential. It is very flexible and gives me opportunities to shape my ideas and develop in chosen directions. It is also about learning something new, exploring and experimenting every day.

7. Culture, events, happenings, concerts, exhibitions, festivals, and more.

Zagreb is a good place to immerse into a variety of cultures, subcultures and artsy fields. The main cultural venues, museums and galleries have already been explored, but something new is constantly popping up, surprising with its diversity and spicy Balkan flavour.

8. Laid-back and friendly atmosphere of Croatia.

Zagreb as well as other cities and towns here, welcomed me in a very relaxed and hospitable manner. The country is somewhere far away from all the hustle, with its cosy and cheerful spirit. Just chill out and enjoy it.

9. Learning Croatian.potatoes

I didn’t expect  this part to be so interesting and fun. But it is. It’s also amazing how many similarities connect all Slavic language family.
Learning Croatian to me is more like a word game, where I need to find the old roots and put puzzle parts at the right places to get the whole picture.


10. Free time for hobbies and social mingling.

And the last but not the least, in spite of many project activities and sometimes intensive office hours, there’s also a lot of free time to be spent, enjoyed and shared with new friends.