Between October 21 & 30, the international youth exchange Creative Entrepreneurship took place in Rijeka, Croatia. For 8 days 30 young and talented people from 5 different countries were learning, developing their own business ideas and, of course, having fun. One of the participants, Rodrigo Silva, is sharing what he has learned during this intense program.

Why not being your own boss? Why not do something that is your dream, something that fulfills you? Why not take the risk and take a step higher than the others? I think you should! From 21.10.2016 to 30.10.2016 I took part of an International Youth exchange program in Rijeka, Croatia. I can tell you that this was one of the most inspirational programs I have ever been. Not just because I have learned how to start my own business and which steps I should take in order to fulfill my dream, but because it has changed my life in so different perspectives!

During this program I have learned how to become a creative entrepreneur; I have learned that in order to achieve what you want you will need to go through 5 steps: 1-Vision; 2-Goal; 3-Objectives; 4-Plan; 5-Action.

014915192_10208572143595663_4685554771296396859_nThe first step is, for me, the most important one: you have to have a vision, or, if you prefer, an idea! Every day we have lots of thoughts, most of them are repeated but there are always new ones and that’s what you have to pay attention to. Find something new or create a better version of what you want to put into practice and write it down.

Think in all possibilities and if you think that idea has a future, then you can go to step number two: “what is my first priority?”; “should I start from there, so tomorrow I’ll go to talk to the director of that company?”; “what do I want to accomplish in a year?”. Questions like these will help you to organize every step that you have to take to start your own start-up. When you accomplish this second step, you will be ready to think about your idea.

014962765_10208572092034374_7593091037782883654_nThis part corresponds to the third step: when you think about the objectives that you want for the project. Here you have to outline things like “What is the purpose of my project?”; “Which objectives do I want for my idea?”; “If this business is targeted for a specific group of people, how can I improve it? What do I have to improve?”;

In this step, you have to be sure that the project is consistent. Then the hard but important part: the fourth step: Planning! Everything that is related with building and planning — how to build the project has to be thickened! You will face many problems such as: what is my financial plan, what is going to be my marketing plan, what is my vision, what is my mission, where can I apply for funding, who is going to be my team? (yes, it is harder if you want to do it alone!!). You will probably need help from a programmer, or maybe from an incubator that will help you to set up your project, or you can ask to the EU for help! It is important that you know how to do it, how to turn your idea into reality.014925282_10208572131195353_119900262474849089_n

The fifth step is action! You have to put into practice all the different steps. What can I tell you?… JUST DO IT!

This experience was AMAZING in all aspects. I have met wonderful people that have helped me, and have encouraged me to follow my dream. Thanks to the project I know now how to plan my idea; I have learned about marketing planning, about tools that help me to deeply develop my project, about how to build a website and so many other issues that may help me to start and to build, step by step, my dream. Thank you all!     

Rodrigo Silva


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